TreeParker Unit

Suspended pavement – / structural soil cell system

The structural soil cell system offers the most ideal circumstances for trees to thrive beneath the pavement.



The TreeParker system is the latest generation of underground structural soil cell systems for trees in hard landscaping. The TreeParker system provides large volumes of non-compact high quality soil and maximises the usable space beneath the ground, providing unlimited expansion for unimpeded root growth, while supporting traffic loads at the same time. It is ideal for new trees in areas such as pavements, car parks, plazas, green roofs and even green walls.

TreeParker has been developed from the experience gained by extensive trials, projects and discussions with landscape architects, clients, contractors and nurseries to provide the most cost-effective, fit-for-purpose solution to the problems associated with growing large trees in urban environments.

In addition to the key functions, such as withstanding heavy traffic loads, whilst maintaining pavement integrity and providing an unimpeded root growth, TreeParker also promotes stormwater management within the system, dealing with rainwater runoff at source; the ideal SuDS solution.

Key elements taken into consideration for the development process were the need for simple design, easy installation, sustainability, integration of existing and new utilities, variable unit depth and free void space for soil infill.


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Material: made of recycled material
Colour: black/anthracite
605mm (l) x 605mm (w) x 400 –
1500mm (h)
Weight: (400-1500mm)
11,34 – 20,84 kg

TreeParker unit consists of:
1 pc. TreeParker Deck
2 pc. TreeParker Frame
4 pc. TreeParker Post
Storage: cover to protect against UV

Specifications grey infrastructure

Maximum load capacity
TreeParker unit 40 cm up to 550 KN/m2.
TreeParker unit 150cm up to 420 KN/m2.
Evenly distributed load.
Min. installation depth for axelload 15 tons
* 15 cm: 5 cm aggregate (0-32,5mm) with concrete
pavement (10cm layer concrete poured at location,
e-modulus 20,000MPa).
* 30 cm aggregate(0-32,5mm) underneath pavers/asphalt.
Aggregate e-modulus >500MPa.
Utility friendly
TP units must be able to be moved freely around
existing utilities. With a connected matrix of units this is
not possible. Units/cells are designed and tested as
stand alone (not interconnected)
Maintenance and repair
Every unit can easily be opened and closed without damaging the integrity of the system, even when the units are
No pavement lifting
Soil settlement and -expanding within the system will not
have any effect on the pavement.
Adjustable height
To maximize soil volume or overcome (un)foreseen obstacles the system must be adjusted to every length preferable.
Chemically inert
All materials are chemically inert to natural soil conditions.
100 years guarantee.

Specifications green infrastructure

Root friendly
Smallest penetrable opening Ø 33 cm. The smallest opening must be bigger than the maximum root thickness,
to prevent strangeling of the roots.
Maximum soil volume
Ca. 95 % of the system can be filled with soil (1-1,5 MPa
penetration resistance) and still leaving a 5 cm air layer on
top. Uncompacted soil will settle up to 25%.
Water- and air capacity
Within the TreeParker system the soil acts as one continuous natural soil volume, this will enhance root growth
because of good water and air penetration and diffusion.
High quality soil
The system is fillable with all kind of soils. No concession
needed on soil quality. The system does not impose
restrictions on the soil mix.

Specifications blue infrastructure

Stormwater retention and infiltration
TreeParker system are BMP stormwater management
systems. No open walls, uncompacted soil or open posts
which drains the water down directly and too fast. In TreeParker the soil and tree can take maximum advantage of
the incoming water, rain water and/or irrigation water.
Water quality
The soil within the TreeParker system acts as an natural
filter (Phytoremediation). Polluted stormwater is filtered
and only clean water will recharge groundwater. Water is
not drained down directly through the system but will be
first filtered.


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