Greenmax Tree Root Guide

When looking for a solution to prevent paving from being pushed up, you must take a look at the GreenMax Tree Root Guide, a tree root guidance system. The Tree Root Guide can be used within 2 meters of the tree. Conventional root barriers do not guide roots and therefore offer no stability and limit the room to grow. Root barriers can only be used at distances of 2 meters from trees.


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Why use the Tree Root Guide?

The Tree Root Guide by GreenMax is used both for new plantings, and after roots have been cut (renovation), to preserve the beauty and value of fully-grown trees. By using this root guidance system, you improve the quality of air and life, in cities as well as in other urban environments.

How does the root guidance system work?

The root guidance system is a series of interlocking panels that act as a root deflector placed between roots and hard landscapes. Tree roots grow horizontal and reflect on the vertical ribs. The 90-degree vertical ribs guide roots downward, deeper into the soil surrounding the barrier. Without ribs, the roots would continue to swirl around the walls of the barrier (flower pot effect), this can lead to instability and suffocation.

When the roots have reached the lower edge of the guiding barrier they exit the system, accessing the soil volumes required to achieve a mature healthy tree. Before installation, be well aware of the local ground conditions and water levels as it is necessary to have a layer of soil that will allow the roots to penetrate sufficiently.


Leaflet Tree Root Guide (pdf)

Installation Manual (pdf)

Root guiding system and root barriers (pdf)



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