Greenmax AirMax Aeration System

Direct irrigation of the root system to stimulate and preserve the vitality and growth of trees.


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Why would you use AirMax Aeration Systems? Tree root aeration is of the utmost importance when planting trees in an urban environment. As a result of frequent subsoil compaction, the soil in urban environments often contains too little oxygen. Oxygen is an essential component for tree roots to grow. Structural measures are required to ensure a good exchange of gasses (diffusion). Application of AirMax Aeration Systems allows you to work easily and effectively.

AirMax Aeration Systems make highly effective tree root aeration in urban environments

AirMax Aeration Systems are a highly effective method for the convenient aerating the roots of trees in public spaces. AirMax can be applied both for trees in planting sections and for trees planted in paving. All AirMax aeration hoses and tubes are standard provided with extra slits, creating at least 30% extra diffusion. The AirMax aeration tubes are provided with a polyester filtering cloth (woven sleeve) as standard. They ensure that the openings and slits in the hose do not become blocked or sanded up over time. This extra perforation makes it possible to use polyester filtering cloth with a very long life, that far exceeds the 5- to 10-year lifespan of coconut fibre.

Aerating roots in an environmentally friendly way

One of the great advantages of PE and PP tubes is that they are made from recycled products and are in turn recyclable. This mainly concerns production waste and partly ‘post-consumer’ waste. The tubes that we use for aerating roots are made from polypropylene and not from harmful PVC. This is a more expensive solution, but environment-friendly and therefore mandatory! AirMax has extra slits, making it an excellent solution for aerating roots.


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