Tango BigO 120 Rigging Ring

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Tangos rigging ring sets new standards. With a working load limit of 120 kN and a breaking strength 600 kN it is one of the strongest redirect in tree care business. You are able to use two rigging lines at the same time which is a big advantage in comparison to a standard pulley. That offers the possibility to use two separat rigging lines or even building speed-lines or zip-lines. On the other hand the ring creates friction so the forces are shared between the ground anchor and the redirect. The smoothly shaped ring extends the lifetime of rigging ropes and attachment slings as well. You have the chance to use loopies, whoopies, textile chains or just a piece of rope to create several points of attachment even at the same time.Technical specifications: – material: anodized aluminium – total diameter: 150 mm – inner hole: 58 mm – width: 90 mm – groove: 54 mm – MBS 600 kN – WLL: 120 kN – colour: blue – weight: 1725 g


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