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The demand to anchor trees without unsightly stakes or guy wires is increasing. The GreenMax root ball anchoring is an efficient and reliable method to anchor the trees underground and greatly improve the visual impact of the landscape. The trees will receive extra support without visible timber or stakes. Straps with attached steel anchors are installed underground.

The steel anchors will ensure a strong underground root ball anchoring. The tree will keep its natural movement and still get the necessary support.

– Fast and easy installation
– User friendly
– Can be used for all tree-sizes
– Time and money are saved
– No unsightly stakes or tree poles above the surface
– The anchoring stimulates a strong and natural growth

Root ball anchoring kit
Consists of 3 straps attached to steel anchors, 1 root ball protection mat and 1 strap tensioner.

Available in five standard sizes
GGB 120120 -> circumference till 20 cm
GGB 120225 -> circumference till 25 cm
GGB 120350 -> circumference till 50 cm
GGB 120460 -> circumference till 90 cm
GGB 120970 -> circumference over 90 cm

Installation Tools
A drive rod (available in the length of 1 m or 1.5 m) is essential for an easy and quick installation. The drive rod makes it possible to drive the anchors in the ground along the root ball (manual or mechanical). Depending on the size of the root ball and size of tree, you will need different sizes of the anchoring kit. We will gladly inform you about the necessary size of anchoring kit and installation tools.

Leaflet Root Ball Anchoring

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