Fiskars Norden cirvis N10

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Material:Carbon steel, tumble varnished hickory

Length:47,6 cm (with blade cover), shaft 35,5 cm

Width:19,4 cm

Height:3,5 cm

Weight:1,201 kg


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Fiskars’ Norden chopping axe N10 is a universal axe great for chopping firewood or making kindling as well as a general tool for small household projects. Due to its size, the axe is ideal for one-handed use.

Fiskars’ Norden axes are the perfect combination of tradition and latest technologies. Inspired by Nordic axe-making traditions and Fiskars’ long heritage of axe craftsmanship, the axes have ergonomically curved wooden handles that give them a natural, classic look and feel. Made of high-quality, FCS certified hickory wood, the handles also feature an innovative FiberComp over-strike protection that makes them virtually unbreakable. The over-moulded head-shaft connections keep the axe heads securely in place, providing additional safety in use.

The axes’ ultra-sharp blades, made of high-quality double hardened carbon steel, ensure optimal performance. The blades are finished with a special anti-friction coating that prevents them from getting stuck in the wood and protects them from dust and dirt. The axes’ functionality is enhanced by their perfect weight-distribution and advanced blade geometry. The axes were awarded with the Red Dot: Best of the Best prize in 2019. The Norden axes are made in Finland.

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