ART RopeGuide 2010 Link 2 300 Cambium Saver

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The light weight „tunnel ring with 50% less weight but comparable strength makes the Ropeguide 2010 even safer. The rope is protected inside the ring and increases the breaking strength of the ring and vice versa. Less weight, higher breaking strength, doubled safety. The tape sling has been replaced by2 parallel strands of 8 mm Polyamide rope keeping the advantages of the 2 materials: perfect abrasion resistance and a large contact surface. A small Fender behind the tunnel ring put the ring in a vertical position and therefor helps retrieving the Ropeguide 2010 from tight crotches.Length: 3,00 mProperties- Integrated Zip Absorber- Adjustable length- Compatible with Doublesnapper-3- Easy lifting of the pulley- Optimized choking thanks to a integrated spring- Self-blocking mechanism- Extreme safety and resistance due to combination of tunnel ring and rope- Optimized retrievability thanks to the Fender- Easy loosening of the blocking mechanism when retrieving- Large, abrasion resistant cambium saver due to parallel sewn 8 mm polyamide


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