Sakņu un zemes aizsargplāksnes LIGHT

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Specifications and Key Features

  • Standard Sizes: Thickness 12 mm, Lenght 2400 mm, Widths: 600 / 900 /1200 mm
    & a larger version of 3000 x 1500 mm.
    Norādītā cena par: 2400x1200x12mm
  • Standard Black/Grey Colour
  • Non-slip surface top side, smooth bottom surface
  • Handholes at each end, connector holes at each corner
  • Durable, cost effective and long lasting
  • Made from 100% recycled LDPE Plastic = 100% recyclable
  • Easy handheld installation and Transportation
  • Walkways, Marquee and Event Flooring
  • Better alternative to all plywood applications
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Light Ground Protection mats are manufactured from 100% recycled low density polyethylene (LDPE)  and are weight tested to maximum load of 10 tons* on regular but solid grounds such as the average grass covered garden during Spring/summer.

These mats are ideal for both short and long term projects providing temporary road access for light-medium machinery, pedestrians, events and more. The LIGHT series is sometimes referred to as “very sturdy alternative to plywood sheets” but does not crack as easily, does not absorb wetness, never moulder, chemical resistant and also has a grip pattern.

An alternative to plywood boards that won´t bend, break or blister. A very cost-effective trackway for all lighter duty applications.

  • Light weight, maneuverable and reusable
  • Improves site safety
  • Helps protect the ground during general building works, events and shows
  • Solid plastic with no splintering
  • Flexible sheets that follow ground contours

*Load capacity is ALWAYS dependent on ground conditions and the very nature of the material prohibits any guarantees. Please use common sense. With that said, during testing mats withstood up to 100 tons when placed on concrete solid flat grounds with no problem in normal room temperature (20 C) . At other tests they cracked under pressure of less then 5 tons on uneven muddy surfaces at minus degrees ( -2 C).


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