Silky rokas zāģis SUGOI 360-6,5

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Rokas zāģis | Lāpstiņas garums 36 cm | Izliekts | Rupji zobi 6,5 / 30 mm

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Sugoi is japanese and means «unbelievable». The curved blade with progressive teeth is 36 cm long and extremely sharp. A clean cut is achieved with little force. Special about this version: The toothing on the handle is 6.5, on the tip it is slightly coarser with 5.5. This makes it easier to get into the wood at the beginning and allows a deeper cut at the back at the same time. It also has a sharpened, sickle-shaped end that is ideal for removing small deadwood twigs or ivy for example.

The nickel coating makes the blade surface particularly smooth and enhances rust resistance and durability. The Sugoi comes with a highly visible, lightweight holster that can be attached to either the leg with the included straps or the harness with a carabiner. The handle is secured in the holster by a roller lock.

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